Trade Development and Facilitation Consulting (TDAF Consulting) is passionate about helping developing and least developed countries to grow their economies, create employment and reduce poverty through international trade. We believe in an inclusive and collaborative approach where the partner country takes the lead role with regard to defining their trade related goals and aspirations; and we facilitate the realization of these goals through the provision of technical and managerial support to local counterparts. Our core objective is to engage and empower our counterparts to ensure the full ownership and sustainability of the reforms – and their longer term expansion.

TDAF Consulting has a particular expertise in trade facilitation and implementation of key measures such as process simplification and standardization, rationalization of information flows, Single Window for international trade, and stakeholder development and support. Tom Butterly, TDAF founding member and lead expert, has over 30 years’ experience in trade development and facilitation and has played a major role in developing many key global trade facilitation recommendations and standards through his former work as Deputy Director for Trade at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Specifically, he has supported the implementation of trade facilitation reform in UN member States, pioneered the development of UNECE Recommendation 33 and related work on Single Window for International Trade, supported trade facilitation implementation projects in many developing and LDC countries, and managed the development of the comprehensive United Nations Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide (TFIG) – see

TDAF has a broad network of leading trade facilitation experts in international trade development, trade facilitation, Customs and Single Window. Together, we can provide a highly experienced, focused and participative service to help countries realise the full potential of their trade facilitation programme.

TDAF Consulting supports countries in implementing the recent World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement. We take a strategic approach in this area to help countries identify the best longer term approach to WTO TFA implementation so that they gain the maximum benefit for the local economy. This can involve integrating the WTO TFA plan with other trade development programmes and objectives within the country in order to ensure the maximum synergy, cohesion and longer term benefit. Indeed, for some countries, the WTO TFA may be seen as a baseline for a more ambitions longer term development strategy to enhance competitiveness, and ensure longer term growth and development.

TDAF’s deep experience with national governments, business leaders and international organizations enhances our capacity to formulate true partnerships between trade and government in designing and implementing trade development and facilitation agendas. In our view, this combination is a crucial element in achieving the mind-set change often required to realise deep, effective and lasting trade facilitation enhancements that help lower the cost of doing business, enhance predictability reduce corruption and create employment.

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