TDAF consists of its founding member and lead consultant Tom Butterly, supported by a dynamic network of senior International Trade experts.

Tom Butterly is a leading trade facilitation expert with over 30 years’ experience in trade development and facilitation and has played a major role in developing many key global trade facilitation recommendations and standards through his former work as Deputy Director for Trade at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

He supported the implementation of trade facilitation reform in many UN member States, pioneered the development of UNECE Recommendation 33 and related work on Single Window for International Trade, supported trade facilitation implementation projects in various developing and LDC countries, and managed the development of the comprehensive United Nations Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide (TFIG).

He has worked in all continents of the world and spent 10 years in Africa supporting countries and companies in growing their international trade. He has also broad experience working in national governments and the private sector.

Tom Butterly

TDAF Network

The TDAF Network consists of leading international trade facilitation experts. Together, we provide a highly experienced, focused and participative service to help countries realise the full potential of their trade programme.